Both sides Buttered is created by Klara Mudge - a functional medicine nutritionist and certified health coach with an honours degree in personalized nutrition.

Her mission is to help people make their lives healthier, more productive and more pleasant. 

Born and raised in Namibia,  Southern Africa, Klara obtained her BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapy in London at CNELM, then went on to practise Functional Medicine in New York alongside Doctor Robin Berzin at Parsley Health - the first high-tech membership-based medical practice that combines conventional medicine with personalized holistic care.

Klara writes for a number of leading wellness sites, speaks for organizations at events on how to optimize personal health, leads yoga and cooking classes at retreats and offers one-on-one self-care consultations virtually and in-person.

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(Don't hesitate. Hesitation is for whimps).