Your 28 Day Mind Body Reset. 

Everything you need to slim down, shape up and chill out.  

Access to healthy nutrition, fitness, flexibility, motivation, mindfulness and more! 


A  28-day full-body spring clean program, designed with your busy life in mind.   It's never been this easy, fun or affordable to get back on track.


28 days of clean eating +  the best workout classes at Windhoek's top private studios +  daily guided meditations and mindfulness techniques on the Headspace app + all the online support you need every step of the way!  


A plan that fits into your busy life while providing all the practical tools necessary to rejuvenate and reset your body and mind. 


The Meal Guide - A focus on clean eating. 

Inspiration and recipes for whole food meals and snacks; recipes; and resources for balanced, clean eating.  Clean Eating Namibia and their registered dietitians have put together a complete guide - what to limit, avoid, or increase , as well as some helpful tips for how to keep our diet nice and clean for the 28 days!  Daily tips, articles, recipes and videos on the closed Facebook group will keep you inspired and on track.




The Workouts - A focus on fat loss, stress reduction, and improved oxygenation.  

As part of the 28- day program you get access to the following classes for 28 days: 

  • NEW: 2 sessions at Body Twenty the village (1 assessment and 1 Body Assessment per person) Details below. 
  • 4 x Strala Yoga classes with Klara at The Yoga Shala  (once / week) PLUS an additional class of your choice any other day of the week. Click here for their schedule. 
  • 4 x  Sunset Urban Bootcamp Classes  with Jean-Pierre Camm outside in the CBD (once /week) 
  • 8 x Classes of your Choice at Pulse PerfectFit studio (Pilates? Zumba? Kick? You pick. Two /week) 
  • 4  x  Full Body Functional Movement classes HIIT at CrossFit WHK – Sold Out on Life (once / week)
  • 4 x Outdoor community trail-runs / nature walks (with Erik @kissmycalves, the last two Sundays in August) 

All classes are optional. This plan is designed as a 'chose your own adventure' - you don't have to do any of the classes but you'll never have this kind of access at such a good price again any time soon!  It's a fun chance to experience your body in a new way for a few weeks.

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Mindfulness and Mental Wellbeing  - The Headspace app

As part of the program you get a 30 day all-access code to The Headspace App. Headspace is meditation made simple. They'll teach you the life-changing skills of meditation and mindfulness in just a few minutes a day.

We believe mindfulness and relaxation are an important part of any wellness protocol. With elevated stress hormones and a frazzled mind, the body is unable to function optimally.  The yoga and a lot of the lifestyle tips you'll be getting throughout focuses on calming the mind so that you can be more present, make better choices, and have a mostly enjoyable experience of life.  Check out the Headspace app here.

Sounds like something your mind / body might need?  

Book your spot today. Buy your ticket on EventsToday: 

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Our Partners in Good Health: 


Body Twenty - The Village (Eros)

Body Twenty uses Electro-Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to up the efficacy of your exercise. Just one Body20 workout is equivalent to 5 conventional weight training sessions.  So all you need to get amazing results is 20 minutes of your day, once a week. The trainers and staff at Body20 Windhoek – The Village are well versed in the revolutionary training method that is EMS. Training programs are fully customized (it's 2:1 person to trainer ratio). Here's a bit more info on EMS and the Body Twenty method. 

Your Reset plan includes 2 sessions at Body Twenty -The Village:  1  EMS session and 1 Body Assessment (1 drop-in session with them is usually valued at N$ 450.00!) Don't miss this incredible opportunity.  


The Yoga Shala

The Yoga Shala is a relatively new studio founded and run by Kirsty Watermeyer and Lara-Lyn Ahrens - an ambitious duo of yogis on a mission to make yoga accessible and enjoyable for all. They're offering all Mind Body Reset members access to 2 free classes per week at the Shala! 

Klara Mudge will be teaching the Monday 6pm class (every Monday in August) which will be for ALL LEVELS including first-timers, so grab the opportunity to stretch and breath and tone your bod, all to the sound of super cool tunes.  You'll definitely walk out feeling lighter and happier.  See you at The Shala on Monday 6 August! 

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CrossFit WHK – Sold Out on Life

Reduce body fat while increasing lean muscle mass.  High-Intensity full body workouts that get your heart-rate up and engage all your major muscles, have been shown to have big and numerous benefits for the body and brain. HIIT burns more calories during and after a workout than continuous aerobic training. 

Research has found that weight training can decrease brain shrinkage which occurs naturally with age. Strength training triggers beneficial responses in the the hormonal and nervous systems as well.  This kind of training raises your metabolic rate, which continues to stay elevated long after you've stopped the class! 

Herman and his team of supportive trainers at Crossfit WHK will be opening up their gym in Olympia to us for a FREE class every week on Fridays at 1:15 during lunch OR at 5pm!  Blow off the steam of the week and move wild with us every Friday. 

Pulse PerfectFit Gym

Pulse is a fitness studio based in the heart of Windhoek's CBD,  in the Old Breweries Complex.  The folks at Pulse believe that fitness is equally as much mind, as it is body and they aim to create a motivating environment with high quality instruction. 

Pulse has kindly offered every Mind Body Reset member not 1 but 2 FREE classes a week!  We're very excited to try their Hip Hop dance, Pilates and Zumba! Also definitely doing the HIIT class with Nangado Kauluma (@nangadok) See you there! Visit the Pulse website and check-out their schedule here:


Jean-Pierre Camm (PT): Sunset Urban Bootcamp

A Mind Body Reset exclusive - this class is a fun outdoor group workout right in the Windhoek's vibing CBD. We'll be jumping around a bit, getting some fresh air and taking amazing photos of the city and the sunset. 

JP and Klara want this to be a modern, enjoyable work-out experience and they'll do everything they can to make sure it's cutting-edge, cool, and effective!  These 45 min classes will take place every Wednesday in August at 5:30pm. Come meet us in the city! 


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Eat Clean Namibia

We've teamed up with the registered dietitians at  Eat Clean Namibia to bring you a science-based, simple and delicious  28 day meal guide that will support your body's rejuvenation and optimise how it functions.  

The meal plan is only a guide with a lot of flexibility and room for personalisation. It's intention is to give you some new inspiration and hopefully a few practical ideas on how to eat more 'clean', natural healthy foods. 


Erik (@kissmycalves) and the #fitfam - A chilled team trial run

Walkers welcome!  We're very excited to get out in nature and move together, whether it's for a jog, some walking and chatting, or a few sprints, Erik will be our guide on this one and we really can't wait! 

Starting Sunday 19 August, and for 2 more Sunday afternoons after that (26 Aug & 2 Sept) we'll be outside for about an hour, getting the blood flowing and working off Sunday lunch ;)  Say hi to Erik here at his Insta and follow his fitness journey.  He's new to Windhoek and an awesome addition to our town!! 


 The Headspace App -30 Days FREE access!

"Brilliant things happen in calm minds" 

As part of your 28 day Mind Body Reset you get access to the Headspace app for a 30 day subscription (usually valued at N$ 175. 00 / month). Simply download the app (it's free) and wait for us to give you your promo code, once you've purchased your 28 Day Mind Body Reset package. 

  • Hundreds of themed sessions on everything from stress to sleep
  • Bite-sized meditations for busy schedules
  • A personal meditation guide, right in your pocket

Visit the Headspace website and watch their How It Works video on their homepage. While you're at it: follow @headspace on Instagram. 

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Goal-setting and plan personalisation with Klara - a FREE weekly call is yours if you want it! 

An optional weekly check-in call with Klara via phone or Skype can help to personalise your plan and keep you accountable and motivated Klara is a trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming which is a behavior-change and coaching technique that she’s been using in her work with clients for the past 5 years to help them reach, and stick to their wellness goals. Through her education and experience, Klara has realised over and over again that what stands in the way of an optimal body and mind is not lack of knowledge, but lack of purpose and a plan. Schedule your first 30 min session in the week leading up to our launch (we start on Monday August 6th!) Calls can be on Skype or via phone. Schedule your 30 min call in Klara's calendar here. 


Push past plateaus.  Tame cravings and temptations.  Find the joy of fitness again. 

Join the 28 Day Mind Body Reset Programme Today!


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Tell your squad.  Get a workout buddy.  Give the gift of health!

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