Your all-in-one NEW YEAR 28 Day Mind Body Reset.  

Open access to healthy nutrition, fitness, flexibility, motivation, mindfulness and more! 



28 days access to the best gyms and fitness classes at Windhoek's top private studios +  over 30 quick and easy healthy recipes + unlimited online support every step of the way!  


(Early bird tickets are N$650 from Monday 14 Jan 2019 till end of day Wednesday 16 Jan 2019)


“A flexible wellness plan that fits into your busy life while providing all the practical tools needed to rejuvenate and energise your body and mind.”



The 28-Day PLAN:


A Recipe Guide - A focus on good clean eating.

Delivered straight to your inbox - super healthy (and delicious) recipes for whole food meals and snacks. Daily tips, articles, recipes and resources on the closed Facebook group, and bi-weekly emails from Klara, will keep you inspired and on track.

We’ll cut out the usual dietary suspects - sugar, booze, refined carbs…and we’ll add in a LOT of whole, colorful foods with a focus on plants, proteins and healthy fats.

Recipes and tips will be delivered in PDF format to your inbox at the start (on Sunday 20 January 2019) and half way through (8 February 2019) the Reset.  


The Workouts - A focus on fat loss, muscle tone, and stress-reduction.  

As part of the 28- day program you get access to the following classes for 28 days: 

  • 8 x Full Body Functional Movement classes HIIT at CrossFit WHK – Sold Out on Life.

  • 8 x yoga classes at The Yoga Shala - 2 classes of your choice every week.

  • 8 x Classes of your Choice at Pulse PerfectFit studio (Pilates? Zumba? Kick? You pick. 2 classes of your choice every week.

  • 7 guided meditations with Just Breathe - Every Wednesday and most Mondays. (see the schedule for info)

  • A Body Assessment and a EMS Workout at Body Twenty the village.

  • A 1-hour Sports Massage with biokineticist Stefan van der Merwe from Trinity Fitness Namibia.

  • A Flexibly Programme session (and pdf. to take home) with biokineticist and personal trainer Stefan van der Merwe.

  • 4 x Urban Bootcamp Classes with personal trainer Jean-Pierre Camm.

  • Outdoor group walks / runs once a week.

All classes are completely optional. This plan is designed as a 'chose your own adventure' - you don't have to do any of the classes but you'll never have this kind of access at such a good price again any time soon!


The Support - A focus on goal-setting and plan personalisation with a free weekly call if you want it. 

An optional weekly check-in call with Klara via phone or Skype can help to personalise your plan and keep you accountable and motivated. Klara is trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming which is a behavior-change and coaching technique that she’s been using in her work as a health coaching for the past 5 years.  Schedule your first 30 min session in the first of the Reset (we start on Monday January 21st).  Calls can be on Skype or via phone. Schedule your 30 min call in Klara's calendar here. 


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Sounds like something you need?  

Don’t miss out on the cheapest, most varied and most value-packed fitness membership in town.

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Our Partners in Good Health: 


Body Twenty - The Village (Eros)

1  EMS session and 1 Body Assessment - any day that suits you during the 28 days.

Contact Body Twenty -The Village to make your appointment. Did you know: a drop-in session @ Body Twenty is usually valued at N$ 450.00! Body Twenty uses Electro-Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to up the efficacy of your exercise. Just one Body20 workout is equivalent to 5 conventional weight training sessions.  So all you need to get amazing results is 20 minutes of your day, once a week. The trainers and staff at Body20 Windhoek – The Village are well versed in the revolutionary training method that is EMS. Training programs are fully customized (it's 2:1 person to trainer ratio). Here's a bit more info on EMS and the Body Twenty method. 


The Yoga Shala

2 classes per week - Any 2 classes of your choice! See their schedule HERE.

Klara will be teaching the Monday 6pm class  which will be for all levels, with al lot of cool modern music and deeply relaxing stretches. If you’re a complete first-timer you might want to try one of the “BEGINNER” classes first. Either way, you'll definitely walk out feeling lighter and happier and a bit more toned, which is the point of yoga on this Reset. See you at The Shala on Monday 21 January! 

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CrossFit WHK – Sold Out on Life

2 classes per week, every week for 4 weeks.

Reduce body fat while increasing lean muscle mass.  High-Intensity full body workouts that get your heart-rate up and engage all your major muscles, have been shown to have big and numerous benefits for the body and brain. HIIT burns more calories during and after a workout than continuous aerobic training. 

Research has found that weight training can decrease brain shrinkage which occurs naturally with age. Strength training triggers beneficial responses in the the hormonal and nervous systems as well.  This kind of training raises your metabolic rate, which continues to stay elevated long after you've stopped the class! 

Pulse PerfectFit Gym

2 classes per week, every week for 4 weeks - Visit their schedule HERE.

Pulse is a fitness studio based in the heart of Windhoek's CBD,  in the Old Breweries Complex.  The folks at Pulse believe that fitness is equally as much mind, as it is body and they aim to create a motivating environment with high quality instruction.  We're very excited to try their Hip Hop dance, Pilates and Zumba! Also definitely doing the HIIT class with Nangado Kauluma (@nangadok) See you there! Visit the Pulse website and check-out their schedule here:

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Sport’s Massage & Flexibility Programme

1 x 60 min Sport’s Massage and 1 x A Full Body Flexibility Program (. Pdf) by Personal Trainer and Biokineticist Stefan Van der Merwe Der Merwe of Trinity Fitness Namibia.

TriFitNam offers a variety of health and fitness products including Personal Training, Specialized Exercise Programs and Sports Massage. Follow and familiarise yourself with @TriFitNam on Facebook HERE.

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Jean-Pierre Camm (PT): Urban Bootcamp

1 class per week - A Mind Body Reset exclusive - a weekly fun outdoor group workout right in Windhoek's vibing CBD. We'll be jumping around a bit, getting some fresh air, breaking a sweat whilst not taking ourselves too seriously.  

JP and Klara created this class as a modern, enjoyable work-out experience.  This 1-hour class will take place once a week (exact days and times available on the Reset Timetable).

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Discounts at Bonsai Bistro

The newly-opened Bonsai Bistro café in Klein Windhoek serves smoothies, salads, and other delicious wholesome freshly-prepared meals + snacks. Reset members can enjoy discounts on select products. As a Reset member you get 30% off meals, smoothies and juices! To give you an idea, that’s a juice and a meal for only N$70! Usually N$100) Truly a bargain. Healthy Take-Away for the win!

Visit and follow Bonsai Bistro on Facebook HERE.

Guided meditations at Just Breathe | Wellness Community

  • Monday, 21 January, 18:00 - 19:30. Just Breathe Community Meditation (40+ people attend) 

  • Monday, 28 January 18:00 - 19:30:  Just Breathe Community Story Exchange (Limited to 16 people, first come, first serve RSVP ASAP)   

  • Weekly Classes: Wednesdays 18:00 - 19:30 (Limited to max 15 people) Click here to learn more.   

  • Monday, 18 Feb, 18:00 - 19:30. Just Breathe Community Meditation (40+ people attend).

Meditations and classes will be held HERE at Lighthouse Lifestyle Wellness Consulting (34 Blohm Street). Visit the Just Breathe FB group HERE and Learn more about them on their website HERE.

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🤸🏾‍♂️🏋️‍♀️ The Weekly Class Schedule 🙋🏻🏃🏽

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Push past plateaus.  Tame cravings and temptations.  Find the joy of fitness. 

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