A not-recipe: The All-In-One-Breakfast pan

My dad's pretty fly for a white guy.

I'll never forget him calling me very late one night 9 years ago to play me all 3 minutes of "Crazy" by "this guy called Gnarles Barkley", and predicting that "it's gonna be the next hit, for sure". And a year later it won all the awards for best record of the year but stayed on everyone's stereos for 3 years, at least. What a track. My sis and I were raised on The Doors, Tina Turner, Leonard Cohen, and Mozart; taught to drive off-road when we were  9; taken to the Opera regularly and then to hike the world's second biggest canyon for 5 days when we were 13. That was only the beginning. 

Today he's still got the swagger - doing yoga at home 2 mornings a week (!?!), liking my insta-pics, drinking kombucha daily and convincing me to go to a 4-day music festival with him in Europe in July. 

On a recent 1-night camp in the desert, he pulled out this one-pan breakfast trick that definitely get's a golden seal of healthy-plus-delicious approval. All the protein, greens, and antioxidants minus the processed grainy stuff. Plus it perfectly fits my anti-waste campaign - any and all leftovers are welcome here. Furthermore! it's ridiculously simple to make! Nothing to it. 

Start by melting your butter of choice (coconut, ghee or regular dairy) on a medium heat, then add your onions (red / shallots/ green onions/ garlic), then some bacon (or leftover fish/ sausages/ turkey slices), then whatever veg you like (capsicum sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, whatever) When your stir-fry is warm crack a few eggs into the pan and some freshly cracked black pepper, salt and any herbs (basil and parsley are killer). 

After a while, when the egg whites are white and everything is still gooey but not too runny (serious sophisticated cuisine jargon happening here), then take it off the heat and sprinkle on whatever cheese you've had in the fridge since New Years. Lastly, defos decorate with avocado and chilli flakes to up the hip-fancy on what is essentially a pan of breakfast mess. 

Done. There's your high-protein, high-fibre, low carb, sugar-free, medium fat satisfying fool-proof pan of YUM. 

Make breakfast at home this weekend. Go full-on eccentric romance on yourself: use your best never-use-coz-it's-the-special-plate, drink water or juice from a champagne flute, sing opera or rap to yourself, decorate a table or tray, blast GB's CRAZY and enjoy that base loop like its the first ever time! 

Then go back to being a normal person for the rest of the day.